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Commented Playing Edition of Wolfenbüttel Lute Tablature published

The playing edition of the oldest extant lute tablature, the Wolfenbüttel Lute Tablature, was just published with the Quarterly of the American Lute Society. It contains a short introduction to the fragments and a commented edition including the reconstruction of missing parts in French lute tablature and a transcription into mensural notation.


Marc Lewon: "A (Re-)Construction of the Wolfenbüttel Lute Tablature-Fragments", in: Quarterly of the Lute Society of America 51/1 (2016), pp. 12–25.


This edition was the basis for the first recording of the source with plectrum lute on the album Kingdom of Heaven – Heinrich Laufenberg, Ensemble Dragma (Jane Achtman, Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett, Marc Lewon), Ramée, 2014.

A scholarly article with the full findings, a colour facsimile reproduction, and transcriptions is forthcoming with the Journal of the Lute Society of America. However, the main results can already be viewed in my blog series "Wolfenbüttel".